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October 26, 2010


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Oh definitely the Paris bag... in any color. They're all so gorgeous though, be still my heart!

i have been drooling over these bags for months. i love love them all--- but the turquoise clover is my favorite.

The LOLA! Because it comes in red, and it looks big enough to stick my camera/lens in plus some diapers and a sippy cup . . . Maybe it will inspire me to take pictures of something other than my kid!

Lolo in red. Like there is any other option!

I get to enter! I'd love the Belle...and probably in red. :)

I LOVE the Purple Paris!

I wouldn't mind a Lola in red. That could be very life changing.

Ooohh....Clover in turquoise looks sweeeeell :D Maybe even gray if I chicken out, but I do try to be more bold w/my choices in colors! Happy bday!!

the clover in turquoise - it's such a fun color and i won't have to lug around my ugly nylon camera bag anymore!

The pink Belle was instantly put on my Christmas list as soon as I saw it. Love it!

Lola - In Red - That's a no-brainer!!! LoVe lOvE LOVE it!

I would *love* to have Clover in gray...Love these bags! :)

im dying for the Ginger, in any color! and still any color if they decided to make new ones. I think its the most versatile bag :)

can i have them all? :) i'm wanting belle the most though

Great giveaway! I'm now lusting after all these bags, but I would have to go with the Belle, in red. Or pink? Yeah, pink.

The Lola in red. Oh my word - what an awesome bag!

The Lola -in RED!!!!

ah, I'd love the clover in turquoise!!! beautiful bag!

I love them all! But my pick would be clover in gray. :)

I want them all! But, I think the Clover in grey would be the winner for me.

I have been eying the Lola in Red for a long time. Oh how I would love to give that bag a good home!

I would take ANY of them, but my fave is probably the Ginger in black ;)

Clover. Definitely Clover.

Colver in grey, for sure!

yay!! the new bags look AWESOME!!!
I would choose CLOVER in GRAY as it's one of my brand's colors!
(and besides next Tuesday (11-02) is my birthday...
hoping for a GREAT bday present :)
Thanks for the opportunity!

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