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January 31, 2013


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I am planning to purchase that same swim shirt for the same skin-protection reasons. If I can be in the pool w/o feeling like the sun is burning my skin off, then I'm all for it.


I've worn a sun shirt for the last few years, but I was excited to see some cuter ones in the newest Land's End catalog! I'm by no means stylish and would rather protect my body than look good and so far I haven't really seen any other adults wearing sun shirts other than me :)


We use sun shirts for the girls and they have yet to complain (not sure what age that starts, but I think it is coming soon - oldest will be 7 this summer).

Hubs in a red head. I got him a Lands End swim shirt last summer and it took a couple tries but now he LOVES it. Even convinced his dad (also a red head) to stop mocking him and wear the shirt we got him to the pool. He loves not having to worry about sunblock on his chest/back.

I looked at that same shirt for myself, but am still on the fence. Also like this more expensive one from Athleta, but again haven't pulled the trigger yet. http://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=92424&vid=1&pid=826058082


I worked at an athleta store this summer, and those things FLEW out of there! They will be all over the place this year.


Ooooh. I didn't know they made these for grown-ups. I WANT one.

Great last post, just like all your posts. :) I'll miss them!


I live in Texas, and with my Scandinavian genetics I bet I could rival you at the white legs contest -- I think I need this shirt! How did I miss that they made these?

What will I do when StyleLush is gone? :(

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