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January 30, 2013


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I've never owned a non-disposable razor before but one of my friends was surprised when I showed her how awesome the disposable ones are. They last a long time too!


I buy the single bladed razors. Anything else rips my legs up, I have no idea why.

I love Burt's Bees but I haven't tried those yet. They are going on the shopping list!

I'll miss your posts here! Thanks for always being great.


After reading some blog post and visiting your local pharmacy, you can find some great items to improve your health or lifestyle. I had the same experience as you with shaving blades. I was paying a fortune to buy Gillette non-disposable blades, when I tried the Gillette disposable ones which were 75% cheaper. I did not throw them away and they lasted as much as the non-disposable ones, with identical results. I have never tried Burt’s Bees items but will as for them the next time I visit the pharmacy.

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