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January 25, 2013


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Reading (and chickens)

Yep, Graco HighBack booster. Back snaps off for older kids, fabulous. We have three, have had them for four years, schlepped them all over the country. Work well.

Megan @ Mama Bub

We just bought the Graco highback turbo yesterday, and I love it. It's easy to put together, easy to use, and easy for kids to buckle themselves in to.

Jeanne D from Calif

Seriously- 5 point harness, hands-down. Expensive but worth it. Here's an example that grows with the kiddo-

Please look at these about a toddler killed in a high back booster, his family is doing great work educating others =)


We actually have that exact car seat in my husbands car. My car is our go-to car for any trip--so my son has a really good five point harness in that car. But, for my husbands car, we chose a more cost effective, non-five point harness (the Graco highback) for his car. He rarely travels more than two or three miles with the kids in his car, so it works perfectly for us. It was easy to put together and very easy to install. We also use that seat when we are leaving the kids with someone (my parents or an aunt) in case they need to go somewhere. It's not as bulky.


Mt 6 year old is still in her 5 point harness 98% of the time (when we had a 2nd kid we bit the bullet and bought more carseats - there are 2 5pt seats in each car. It was a huge expense, yes, but so so worth it).

However, when she finally reached the 45 lb mark we got a Diono Monterey Booster http://us.diono.com/en/car-seats/monterey-booster. The 4 carseats we own are by the same company and we love them. We usually keep it in the trunk and that way we can throw it in grandma's car or in a car or a playmate. Or, install it in our 3rd row if we're the one's with an extra friend in the car.

(the 45 lb weight requirement was recommended by both our ped and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, YOU'RE IN MY FACE OMG I GOT YOUR POINT SIR, by the police officer at one of our car seat checks).


We're looking into getting a high backed booster for our 5.5 year old. He's tall and heavy for his age (48+ inches and 52lbs)and I think we're going to get a Britax Parkway.


We have the Oobr Clek. I love that it latches and is very easy to take in and out.

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