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January 11, 2013


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Auntie G

My last pregnancy, I got a lot of mileage out of clothes from Forever 21. They have a small maternity line, but so much of their regular stuff was long and flowy and while not cuts I would have chosen in "real" life, they were great for maternity, and I felt somewhat stylish, to boot. Cheap, and I didn't worry that it was all basically disposable clothing.


I loooooved the Gap maternity stuff. Wore the crap out of it, too and it lasted through LOTS of washings.

I didn't know this until I stumbled in by accident, but the Baby Gap in my local mall has a maternity section in the back! (they even have a padded belly you can wear to try on- it's super creepy.)

I got my work pants from there and a pair of jeans too. I only get to wear jeans on the weekends so one pair was enough for me. I also got a bunch of solid v-necks from there and, that, plus a cardigan, was pretty much my maternity uniform.


I 2nd the comment about Forever 21. I got things there like their knit striped "mini" dresses (size L) and wore them as tunics over leggings. They are like $12! The rest of my stuff is from Old Navy; they have some good sales from time to time. You really have to read the reviews though; their sizing isn't terribly consistent.


My go-to for jeans, dress slacks and basic shirts was actually Kohl's! Motherhood Maternity has great tanks and shorts (when it gets warmer out), and ASOS Maternity is wonderful for the dressier items.


When I was pregnant I got most of my maternity clothes from Old Navy online (my local Old Navy doesn't have a maternity section). I also got a few things from Kohls and JCPenney, but they both have very small maternity sections. And I got a few work clothes from Motherhood, but they're just so expensive! I recently stumbled across Shade Clothing online and they have a really cheap and cute maternity line. I haven't bought anything from them, but I plan to with my next pregnancy. Good luck!


Old Navy for me, too. I just bought a two pack of leggings (which I swore I would never wear again, yet here I am), two dresses and a long-sleeve shirt similar to what you have up there.

The dresses (over the leggings) are awesome.




Sears and JC Penney were the two surprises for me. Online had more than in-store.

I also bought stuff on ebay. I found the one style of gap stretchy t-shirt that I liked and then bought a bunch of them.


I got a pair of skinny jeans (my first!) from Old Navy, and my favorite clothes this time around are actually the camis I already had in my closet along with regular cardigan sweaters (no buttons) from Target. I figured that it was hard to justify spending money on maternity clothes since this is probably my last go-around, so between what I had and a wide array of camis and sweaters, I have gotten by. And I should be able to wear most of this stuff later. The good news is that so many things are so long now that they're normal length for maternity clothes!

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