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January 31, 2013


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YAY, I was hoping the gift guide wouldn't end.

The to-do list is such a great idea! Go Mike!


Oooh, I like that idea too! I did my menu plan on magnetic paper like this to stick to my calendar, but now I need to expand it. And I love that you've hijacked Jennie for this post.

I never doubted for a moment that the gift guide would continue, but I still find myself relieved to have it confirmed.


What a great idea!

And I am thrilled to hear that the gift guide will continue!


Great job, Mike!

And great job, E! I'm so glad the Gift Guide will live on, and I will miss you here!

Melissa @sheetlabels

I really liked this idea of magnets with things to do. We do many things repeatedly and find out that when we are writing down things to do, we are writing practically the same things in a different order. Having these magnets that we can stick to our fridge or other metal surface, we can save on the time we take to write lists and just pick up the magnets with things we need to do and stick them. Great idea!


thats such a good idea!! :)

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