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January 30, 2013


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Megan @ Mama Bub

I've been eyeing that Costco Roomba recently.


I absolutely love it! Today I descaled the Keurig, did laundry and ate lunch all while my floors got clean. So fab!


I got a Roomba from an online deal site (Groupon maybe?) and I do love it. However, sometimes it just pushes the dog hair around and doesn't actually suck it up but I don't use it everyday... maybe twice a week? Maybe with two dogs I should be using it more often. I also decided to keep it on the hardwood floors in my house and to use my Hoover windtunnel on the carpets. The Roomba seemed to get overwhelmed with the amount of hair found on the carpets.


I have been wanting a Roomba for a while and now that everyone else says they are great... I also want the mopping one too.

Thanks for being such a great Style Lush writer all these years!


mmh.. i allways wanted one, but wasnt really sure if they are working well or not. now i read a few really positive tests and posts about it.. should go and get one, i guess.. ;)

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