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December 07, 2012


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Auntie G

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. We had a great sleeper followed by a HORRIBLE sleeper, and we stupidly resisted things like white noise machines so he "wouldn't depend on them" HA HA HA, oh how stupid and tired we were. If you need one of these, it will pay for itself IMMEDIATELY. And I'd like to second the idea of taking it with you when you travel. I guarantee you my 14 month old would't have slept a LICK on our Thanksgiving trip without the crazy familiar ocean sounds we brought with us.


My darling husband snores like a bull moose who is being murdered, but putting up a heck of a fight (he's lucky he's cute!), and pregnancy hormones triggered enough of a breakdown on my part for us to start looking for additional solutions (we've tried the fancy pillows, an extra fan, ect), but I read some reviews of this on Amazon and marched myself down to Bed Bath and Beyond the next day, and lo, it is magical. Worth every penny, and honestly, I would pay twice that if I had to. We will definitely be getting another when the baby comes along in a few months.

Sarah C.

We recently discovered some white noise helped the boys sleep better at night. Right now we just run the humidifier in their room every night (dual purpose!). But I'm thinking something like this may be necessary once the humidifier isn't necessary anymore. Now to get my husband on board...

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