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November 27, 2012


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I am totally with you on the online shopping. I still haven't been to a major retailer, since before Thanksgiving. I also have my online purchases sent to me at work, due to difficulty receiving packages at home, so my co-workers think I have a Serious Shopping Problem. (They ... might not be wrong.)


I love going shopping in actual stores at Christmas, but the last couple years all I want to do is buy things for myself! And I find that the urge to buy gifts for people tends to hit me at like 11pm, so online shopping it is.


I do mostly online shopping. Retailers just make it so easy and offer so many incentives to shop online these days. I find that it's too much of a pain for me to waste my time and gas to go to an actual store these days. There are rare occassions when I go in to actual stores, but like auntie said, that tends to be dangerous because then I usually end up buying for myself too! :)


I started online shopping (warning: depressing story ahead) a few years ago when my mom was dying of cancer. It was so fabulous, I have converted to almost exclusively shopping online.

And yet I saw that picture and was like, Dude that's Fashion Island. (Or as my sister and I call it - Fash-Eye.)

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