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November 30, 2012


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Had to laugh, my 3 yr old is determined to rip our stockings down. I have them on a hook just out of his reach and he is jumping off stools in am attempt to get them. They must be too enticing for them!


I don't know how much better this would be, but I did see a "stocking tree" somewhere that's a free standing piece with arms that the stockings all hang on. Still not kid-proof, exactly, but less dangerous at the very least!


We didn't have a mantle growing up, so our stockings hung on the counter and our dog was always the biggest culprit in knocking those things down. So annoying.

My grandparents (who also did not have a fireplace) just lined them up along the stairs. It's not as festive or traditional, but it did start a new tradition of having a stair photo every year (that continues even though we now celebrate with them in a different house and without stockings). You could always set out some treats to lead Santa from the fireplace to the stairs if that's a concern for the kids.


My family always hung ours on nails in the wall in the stairwell. We didn't have a fireplace so my parents improvised. I haven't hung stockings in my house yet but our fireplace doesn't have a mantle. I am considering those 3M command hooks. They make them in clear now so they can be somewhat hidden.


Could you do Command hooks on the underside of the mantel?


So, I just got these at Target because my stocking hangers are also very light and I knew my kids would be pulling them down.


But, I forgot that my mom hasn't finished making my son's stocking yet and has all of them at her house - three states away! So...can't report on how they actually hold up.


I got these http://www.amazon.com/Four-Candy-Cane-Stocking-Holders/dp/B003H7980Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354304615&sr=8-1&keywords=candy+cane+stocking+holder

Not sure if you'd consider them attractive, but they work well for our family

Megan @ Mama Bub

I use command hooks. I use the tiny ones and they're nearly invisible. They're not strong enough to hold the filled stockings, but I find almost nothing is. I did the same thing last year and just stripped the adhesive off at the end of the month. I can send you a picture if you want to see. I put them on top of the mantle, so the loop... loops over and covers hook almost entirely.


i use command hooks on the underside of my mantel- its painted white so i get the white ones...you cant really see them. the heavy stocking holders have been put away until the kids get (much) older.


We have those mantle clips from Target that Meaghan posted about but in the bronze (got them last year) and they hold a fair amount of weight.


Amalah just posted a link to these safe holders, so I thought I'd pass them along to you: http://www.sterlingpear.com/Haute-Decor-Stocking-Scrolls-Pack/dp/B005GHAW8W

Auntie G

We don't have a fireplace or mantel, so we hang our stocking from the stairs -- on the stick parts connecting the bannister to the stairs which clearly have a name but I can't recall it) -- and I always use curling ribbon to get the stockings securely hung at just the right height. Then I curl the ends so it looks festive, on purpose. :) It does mean that Santa has to fill the stocking WHILE they're hung, and once they're cut down they don't usually get hung back up -- but it's sturdy and safe.


Amalah posted these earlier: http://www.sterlingpear.com/Haute-Decor-Stocking-Scrolls-Pack/dp/B005GHAW8W

She has young kids and the same problem...

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