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November 26, 2012


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The class I enjoy the most is my kickboxing class (although to be honest, it's not at a gym, it's at a dojo and it's the only one I take, but still!)
We have two or three different instructors, including the owner of the school, and they're all lunatics. I love it because it's like the class you mention: never monotonous or boring and you never stop moving. And I totally revel in boasting to all and sundry about the horrible things we do--for instance I spent all of Thanksgiving bragging that I did 1500 jumping jacks that morning and can anyone else here do 1500 jumping jacks in a row and by the way can someone move my plate a few inches to the right because I can't move my arms and am just going to flop my head down into my mashed potatoes, thanks.

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