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September 14, 2012


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I like them! I see no problem with a counter-height table being in a casual dining room. But if it's a problem with kids/aging parents, that may be the biggest issue.


As far as "aging parents": my nana is 87 and has "a crazy hip" and actually finds higher chairs easier to get in and out of. She finds it easier to just sort of slip off. and to get in, she just hitches up a butt cheek and slides in. I do rec that you get a foot stool or something for the oldies as those rungs will be difficult to use.


I LOVE the look of a countertop high table, and the square shape effectively seats a lot of people when necessary (we're a family of 6, and my parents come over a lot, so there are always 8 people at the table)...but it is really hard to scoot the chairs in, even for an adult. The only person that can effectively scoot the chair up to the table without the scoot/rock/jump maneuver is my husband. This problem is further compounded if you have tile, because then you get stuck in between them--but it's not any easier on carpet, if you have a carpeted dining room.

Alos, the kids will have to CLIMB up into the chairs by standing on the rails, which I am convinced will ultimately break, and then the chair is useless.

So, although I love my table, and love the look, getting a new, non-countertop-height table is on the list of things to do in relatively short order. Sorry to be a wet blanket. :(


I actually have a counter top height table and I like it ok...I have actually become kind of tired with it and wish I had a regular height table. The only thing that saves it is that it is bistro sized - about 2/12 feet square so it isn’t so overwhelming. My sister in law has almost the same size table that you are looking at and it really does something weird to the room. You walk in and all you see are table legs and chair legs and it sort of hogs the room. I am not a fan. I would say go for a regular height table. It much more classic and will stand the test of time.


I love our counter height table but I think it's better for an eat-in-kitchen rather than a dining room. I also think in a small room it will be all legs like the commenter above brought up.


I also say nay- though mostly because the proportions look off to me, so that's just a matter of personal preference. But also I feel like counter height dining tables are a relatively new trend, and I think there's a risk that in a few years they'll look dated- a fad that has now passed.


Personal preference here too, but it would be a disaster with my 5.5 and 3.5 year old kids. There's no way that they wouldn't topple over those tall chairs getting in and out (but maybe I have clumsier-than-normal kids). Also, I can imagine our parents huffing and snorting about climbing up onto those chairs. Those two reasons alone would steer me away (again, this is only my humble opinion).

Mary W.

We have a counter height table as the eat in table in the kitchen and a regular height table (that looks just like this one, but regular height!) in the living room. The regular height one is much more comfortable, we use it a ton. We almost never use the kitchen table (except as extra prep space, which is why we wanted counter height - small kitchen, no prep space!). My kids are 8 and 11 and seem to prefer the regular table. They do their homework there, we eat there, we entertain there. The kitchen table gets much less use. I also find sitting on tall stools for long periods of time uncomfortable - we always pick the normal height tables at our favorite restaurant if they are available, as opposed to the tall ones they have there.


I love my counter height pub table. My 2 year old needs help getting into her chair, but other than that, it's great. Like someone said above, the oldies can kind of just slide off the chair and hitch a cheek up to get on. I say go for it!


I found it tough to find a regular-height table and chair set that I liked, so ours is tall. The regular height ones that were moderately priced seemed to all look kind of...dippy? They just did not fit our style somehow. My tall husband likes the chairs; I sometimes wish I had been able to find a regular height table. The scooting that Heather mentions is an issue for me, and I do kind of dislike having to hop up to get on the chair. But oh well. If I were you, I'd try to find a regular size table that you like before opting for the counter-height.


We have a counter-height table, and it's wonderful. And my girl is a climber, but she has had absolutely no trouble climbing onto the chairs. I also worried about my grandparents, but they haven't had any trouble with them either.


My parents have a counter-height table and we are there a lot. If you like the look, go for it! I love theirs.

I find that the chairs are MUCH easier to get in/out of, and in the six years that they've had their set, only one child has fallen off of one, and it was MY CHILD and it is because he is unable to sit still during meals. I should mention there are five grandchildren all under the age of six, and none have had an issue with falling off chairs. (Except mine, like I said.)


I've had that exact table in my small dining room now for about 7 years and it's fantastic. It doesn't feel too leggy, but maybe I'm used to the look by now. I have a 2-year-old who has no problem with the chairs with a little help from me, and she likes to hang out underneath to play. I like that I can stand and do projects at the table too.


Our little (2.5 yo) girl and her older (3.5 & 5 yo) cousins have no problems with the chairs of our counter-height table. The only thing I don't love about it is that I would love some fun new chairs but there is nothing out there that height.


I'm not a huge fan of the taller tables; I'd have the same issues that you do. When we moved, I spent SO LONG looking for a table that I loved, it seemed like I'd never find one. But eventually I did find one. ONE. There were no other acceptable ones. So if this table is perfect and you don't like the countertop height, then here's what I'd do: buy this table & chairs and then cut off the legs to the height you want. Do it carefully so as not to mar the stain/paint, reattach the pointy floor protector thingys and call it done!


love ours, but it is in the kitchen. works well because when more people come over you can just pull the kitchen island stools over for seating.

not sure in the dining room though...


Does it come with 8 chairs? So you have to store two extra counter-height chairs someplace? Or, alternately, you need to find two extra counter-height chairs someplace? That would matter to me. Or do they make cheapie folding chairs that size?

We have a small dining room and I'm in the market for a table but it has been years and I have not found the right one. So there's that. You could also buy and if it's not working, sell it on Craigslist.


I like them a lot, but they don't work that well in practice just because of the extra chair issue. What if your table comes with 8 chairs, but you need to squeeze in a 9th guest? I'd normally just throw a folding chair at the table, but that wouldn't work with an extra tall table.


If you're DIY savvy I love Carmen's advice! I would cut the legs of the tables and chairs. It depends on the room, but counter height table and chairs in a dining room may feel off to me. I think a kitchen could make it work, but I feel like it might look too casual for a dining room.


I have that set in the normal height and I just want to throw out there that it is impossible to find square tablecloths big enough. Also, you can't fit 8 placemats on the table at the same time (or 6 if the leaf is out). This may not be an issue for you but it's been a pain for us.


I would really dislike it. My starbucks put in only counter height tables and they are cute to look at, but they are hard for people to get on the chairs and uncomfortable to have your legs just dangling there for any amount of time. I have a bad knee, so can't bend my leg back enough to rest my foot on the rung, and when someone is sitting in the chair opposite me I can't rest my foot on the rung of their chair. Sitting in a regular height dining chair is very comfortable for me. If I couldn't find a regular height table in the size I wanted I would think about cutting off the legs as long as the rungs on the chairs wouldn't look oddly placed.


We have a square four seater and I do not like it all. My mom, the shortest of us, hates her feet dangling. It is just not very comfortable seating. I'm tempted to cut the legs off the chairs and table too!

Maybe go to a sandwich shop (Potbelly's - know for sure has tall tables) and try to see how y'all like it.

BTW your kitchen is AWESOME!

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