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August 16, 2012


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Adding this to my grocery list immediately! Thanks!


I swear by the OxiClean Laundry Pretreater in the spray bottle. I haven't lost one pair of kid undies to an accident, and 99% of the stains that I've battled have come out--even hardcore red fruit punch, watermelon, and lots of various grease. Godsend.

Sarah C.

Yes, this! We just started using this a few months ago and now I refuse to use anything else (I had a STRONG dislike for Shout too). With two kids under three, it gets a lot of use and always works.


I went out and bought one this weekend and WOW. My husband dressed my daughter while I was away for a weekend in a white skirt for a playdate and I wasn't sure the CHOCOLATE AND RED JUICE stains would ever come out! And it had been washed! and dried! already, so I put this on it and rewashed and it's CLEAN! Thank you so much!

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