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April 05, 2012


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How does this post not have pictures? We need to see how bad it really was!

I'll give you my bad dye job story: I was 16, in the school play. We were doing The King and I, and I was supposed to look Siamese (or Thai, you know). And I am the whitest girl ever, with strawberry blonde hair. Regardless, I (and a bunch of my castmates) decided to dye our hair black. Using temporary hair color (because that was better?). It worked, kind of. My hair looked kind of like a faded black, like if you had black jeans and washed them too many times. BUT THEN. As it washed out (since it was just the temporary dye), it turned me hair GREEN. Yes, green. Just like Anne of Green Gables.


Uh, it turned MY hair green. Not ME hair. Just because I had green hair doesn't mean I'm a leprechaun.


My college roommate (approximately 17 years ago :) dyed her brown hair black (on purpose) with a semi-permanent dye. Which was SO NOT semi-permanent. It took her years to grow out. I don't remember ever seeing a product like the one you mentioned, otherwise I'm sure she would have used it!


A couple of years ago I was getting ready to go to my 20-year high school reunion and I was low on funds so I decided I could do an at-home dye job (I usually went to a professional but like I said...funds were low!). It wasn't so much that it turned out a bad color in general, it was just a bad color ON ME. A very, very bad color on me.

The next day I called my salon and told them I needed HELP and they got me right in. I think the girl put on chemicals and washed my hair a total of about 10 times! It was crazy.

And I vowed never to use home hair color again. EVER. The end.


In college, dying our hair was how my roommate and I fought our boredom. She went with the wild colors (as a blonde, it was easier for her to go blue or green or pink or whatever). I went with "normal" reds and browns. Whatever, it was fine.


One fateful saturday night when we had a friend "help", and I ended up with, I KID YOU NOT, spots. I don't even know how it happened, but I ended up with these circles of red all over my head. I looked like the most deranged cheetah ever.

It took 3 salon visits featuring 2 haircuts and 3 different dye jobs to fix it. And that was the last time I used color in a box.

(we won't talk about the time 2 weeks before my wedding that some horrible stylist bleached my hair to the point of breakage instead of doing the "natural" light brown highlights I asked for.)


My sophomore year of college I dyed my hair for the first time with a box labeled medium brown. It turned out the same as yours! Luckily i was scared enough of dying my hair that I got semi permanent color. I washed my hair so many times! I ended up wearing it black for a while because there was no way I was bleaching my hair!! I use box dye now but steer clear of anything with the word medium in it.


I rocked the black to orange color in college. Same as you, dark brown on a dye box does NOT mean dark brown - it was black as coal. I called the Clairol 800 number and was given the bleaching instructions. Which turned it orange for a few weeks while I let the hair rest. Lets just say I clashed with my formal dress that season.

After that, I only used semi-permanent color while my natural hair color grew back in. I ended up cutting it all off right before graduation into a horrible cut - and met the greatest guy ever. Luckily, he stuck by me even with that cut and we've been married 9 years.

My hair is 100% natural still - but when the grays start I will be going to a professional (I'll just have to cut something else out of the family budget).


Sadly, I have have had MANY bad hair experiences. I learned early on that whatever color the box says it is (especially with permanent color), it will be a few (thousand) shades darker.

Then, there was the time back in the 80s when I used a hair-painting kit for highlights and it came out neon orange. And I was a majorette and had a parade that day - we had to wear our hair in a bun, so I looked insane, since the orange was only on the top layer of hair and I ended up with orange bangs, dark brown sides and an orange bun.

And don't get me started on the home perms...

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