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April 03, 2012


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Dawn K

have you checked out the companystore.com? They have a bunch of really cool options. We will also paint our bedroom blue later this spring (not sure what shade yet) and my plan is to DIY a headboard of sorts. I want something with blue tones, but not necessarily all blue that way it's not overwhelming.

I've bookmarked a bunch I like on the above website.


Just popping on to let you know that I own the second bedspread - we use it in our guest room and ALTHOUGH some of this might be the dog's fault (he likes to stretch), I'm quite surprised at how many of the tucks have come undone. In other words, the stitching literally pops out and the tuck is gone. :( It makes me very sad and I wouldn't buy this duvet again. I would imagine it would be even worse if it were used in our master as opposed to a room that only gets slept in every few weeks. Just an FYI!


We have a duvet cover pretty much identical to this one except that it's white. It also came from BB&B (although it is not DKNY) and we use it with the ruffles running horizontally instead of vertically and love it. After six years, it's looking a little rough but only up close and only because we have cats that think it's hilarious to attack the bed, which puts holes in it. From even just a few feet away it still looks great and I'm really impressed with how it's held up and I love the added texture to our bed. The ruffles also do a great job of hiding the cat fur, so it doesn't look as though it needs to be washed even when it does—great when you have unexpected guests!



I saw this one and thought it would look great with blue walls!

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