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January 10, 2012


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I haven't done the Zoom whitening, but I have had success with the strips. When I get my braces off, tho, I'm totally getting a professional whitening.


I hate how the strips make it impossible to breathe for the two weeks they are on. I haven't done Zoom but I know that I occasionally get a groupon for teeth whitening, which is one way to get it done for much cheaper than $450!


Hey, just an FYI, that "8-10 shades lighter" is typically due to the dehydration of your teeth during the process...There is a giant rebound during the first 2 weeks after the treatments. I would go for the good ole custom bleaching trays. You can put some sensodyne in the tray for 20 min to help with sensitivity!


My mom's dentist told her the same thing that Amanda posted, she also said it isn't good for your teeth.


I did the Zoom. A long time ago. And, if the strips hurt your teeth, Zoom will kill you. It was very uncomfortable, and they actually sent me home with a prescription for pain killers. Which I needed.

Stay away!

Kitty Murray

Try brushing with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.


I did the Zoom whitening right before my wedding and it did make my teeth very sensitive (where white strips normally never bother me) For the money, I didn't think it was that great of an investment as I feel like most strips can give you the same shade of whiteness. But, everyone is different :)


My dad is a dentist, and like Jamie and Amanda said, he recommends getting the trays with whitening gel. Zoom makes teeth an unnatural white, wheras with the gel and trays they can find a natural super white looking shade for you.


I'm so glad I asked about this! Thank you for all of your imput. I will inquire about the trays and stay away from Zoom!


How long does said $450 Zoom last? I think that would be the deciding factor. Well, that and my husband. hahaha

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