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December 22, 2011


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I laughed out loud at "Merry Christmeth." I always give those little Sees samplers as small neighbor gifts, etc. Or a few homemade sugar/gingerbread cookies. Or starbucks cards!


I think you could go with a package of Christmas cookies or an ornament for each family. But yes, Merry Christmeth is awesome.


Michaels has (had? It's been weeks since I checked) some wooden snowflake ornaments quite similar to those. They are supposed to be "paint your own" and they weren't too expensive. I'd say one of those (maybe hit them with some glitter spray paint or something so they look finished?) and tie it to a small box of candy? I've seen little samplers at the grocery store for $1.25 each. I think you'd be in about $2 for each neighbor and it would be something I'd like to receive.

Mama Bub

I would think a box of candy, or fun Christmas cookies would be fine. In situations like this is really IS the thought that counts. I think Merry Christmeth is HILARIOUS.


Hmm, do you have enough time to make cute little meth lab ornaments to commemorate the year?


The Timber Green Woods Etsy shop is beautiful! Thanks for the discovery :)

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