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September 13, 2011


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The one in the master, I'd either put a giant black and white picture in it, or hang a mirror over it so it's covered.
I like the idea of found objects in the hallway! But then of course you have to find objects, which can be annoying...I am boring so I'd probably do three or four same sized framed pictures. Probably all black and whites in the same size black frames with mats. I think you want to make it look like they are supposed to be there, and I think pictures would do that. Like = here's my picture dent! Aren't these fun!


I don't have any cut-outs, but I've seen ideas on blogs and HGTV: expand the cut-out deeper so you can put larger objects in them; paint a different color in the cut-out and highlight art or sconces or something. I'd actually plaster over or float a wall over the one in the Master UNLESS you plan on using it for a tv. Then, you can actually decorate it how you want.


http://www.etsy.com/listing/44694257/custom-photo-block-package-3-display For the bedroom.


I think it would be cool if you painted the cut outs an accent color. For the long narrow ones, what about hanging some skinny oversized sconces? For the bedroom, I'm picturing an oversized vase with some type of tall grassy/mossy foliage shooting out the top.


I have seen a comercial where a woman tiles a small cut out like yours with glass tile and then put a vase in it. It was pretty. I would probably cover or drywall the one in the bedroom.


For the one in the bedroom; fireproof wall safe and then hang something over it.


I saw a blog post somewhere I few weeks back using board and batten to cover a similar bedroom wall hole. Looked great. They covered it all the way to the ceiling then hung a picture or something in front.

I'm trying to find it, but not having much luck...if I hunt it down I will post a link.

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