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August 05, 2011


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Um...I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your instagram pics. Glad this link helped! ;)


Love Postal Pix! Just got an order the other day.


My 120 pictures just came in the mail today. Sorting through them now!!


I have been using Postal Pix for a while, but here's an issue I've run into: I cannot find frames for the 4x4 pics ANYWHERE, online of off (although I haven't been able to scavenge an IKEA). It's discouraging. I have a couple project ideas that wouldn't need frames, but I was hoping to just find some cheap wooden ones to place around the house. You'd think someone would've already started cashing in on this phenomenon. Maybe they will...


Love love love! I've been trying to come up with a way to print all the gorgeous pics I have of my baby sleeping . . .this is it! Thx.


so cool! thanks for sharing!

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