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June 22, 2011


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I love the bathroom storage. I may have to do that.

Sarah in Ottawa

Oh my goodness - the matchstick holder and the sewing kit are GENIUS. I really want to do them both now. Thanks, Lauren!


I love that sewing kit idea. I might have to try that.

Also, the Pottery barn dispenser is adorable. I can't imagine when I would ever use it but I want one!


So, no one can ever find their matches, because matchboxes just aren't pretty to leave around. Not a problem anymore! What a genius idea!!!! I might have to make some of these for Christmas stocking stuffers!


The matchstick storage is genius! Love it!


Welcome to the Lush family!!

I love mason jars, and use them for everything from food storage to decoration. We used them liberally at our wedding as well! My favorite summer use is to put them all over the deck - all different sizes - with tea lights in them. It's a cheap, easy, and super charming way of bringing atmosphere to a gathering.

I LOVE the match idea! I may have to make one and keep it outside for all my deck candles!

Annette Lowrie

My boyfriend uses one of my quart mason jars as a Hillbilly Martini shaker. The jar holds up fine when shaken with ice in it(lid and ring in place) then he just slides the lid back to strain the ice.




I have used mason jars for crafts before, too. I love mason jars. My son has an abundance of sand paper, so I think I might have to steal one of my jelly jars for matches, I love that idea.


I have lots of mason jars that I used for canning, but I no longer can veggies anymore. Was looking for some great uses for them! Thanks!


How cool is this. Very good ideia.

Leeann Coleman

I punch holes in the lids of mason jars, fill them with syrup, and voila - feeders for my beehives. I also use mason jars in my jewelry studio to hold the various solutions I use in jewelry making, like pickle, or liver of sulfer.

My grandpa used to nail the lids of jars to a board, and hung them on the rafters over his basement workbench. Inside the jars he would keep his screws, nails, doo dads, and other tiny things. He could glance up, spot what he wanted through the jar glass, and with a twist, unscrew the jar and get what he needed. He also used baby food jars for this.


you must need magic for that sandpaper to ignite those matches. striking those matches (clearly they don't have a white head, so they are not strike anywhere matches) requires the striking strip from the box in order for combustion. the strip contains phosphorus and the match head contains potassium chloride which when collided with one another results in an exothermic chemical reaction.


What great ideas! I've seen the jars used as nail, screw, etc. holders. So handy.

I LOVE the hillbilly martini shaker idea!

I hadn't thought about the need to make sure any matches used in the match-holder project are of the strike-anywhere variety. (I didn't make the holder or take the photo, so I can't speak to what kind of matches were used in the photo.) Good reminder to use strike anywhere matches.



I'm a big fan of this use for a mason jar--http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1GGJFF/blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/2011/04/08/rainbow-cake-in-a-jar

nancy pruitt

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sam hain

mason jars fit on most blenders as well.

rachel robinson

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Holly Day

Well, I was browsing Stumbleupon as I'm always looking for smart ways to decorate the home and found this page!

I really enjoyed these ideas for using jars. And to be honest, I fell in love with those jars used as bathroom storage! This is a very clever and original way to use them.


Interesting... i love the fact that jars can be used in so many ways. :)


I love your ideas for the jars. they look great.

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