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May 13, 2011


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I like #1 and #5. I don't do patterns either. I like to punch things up with accessories, maybe I need to branch out a little too?


Personally, I'd steer away from #2 and #5. I think #3 is a good option for someone who doesn't wear pattern often because it reads more like a solid, so it would take less energy to actually put on and wear. I prefer #1 to #4, but would be more likely to wear #4. That's a color issue for me. I like see other people in that pink color, but I don't like to wear it. Bottom line: #3 & #1, with #4 as a runner-up. Whew, that was a long comment. Sorry.


I love all of them except for number 5. I think it's the drawstring waist that scares me. Happy Shopping!


I love option 1 with dark blue jeans, and option 4 too because that print is so fine that it almost acts like a solid! I am not fond of the cut of the shirt in option 4. That's just my personal taste though; those types of shirts remind me of maternity-wear. ;)
Good luck!!


Amendment to my previous comment... I meant to say that I love options 1 and 3. Not 4. I am not a fan of that one. Just had to clarify. (Instead of spell check, I could use a brain check...)


I love 1 and 3!


Definitely a yes on #1 & #5...the others are just bleh...ok. #4 is my 3rd choice..it is a little above bleh.


I actually really like #1 and #2 (pattern and style although I'm not a huge fan of brown). #3 reads like a snakeskin print to me which I'm not a big fan of. It may well be better in person where the print is actual size though. #4 the pattern is fine but the color makes it very juvenile imo and the style of that shirt isn't helping. The pattern on #5 is ok I guess but I hate the drawstring.


I like 1 and 5, but I think body type might change that. I think that they would flatter different types--

Jane in Pa

The only one I'm not so keen on is #3...#1 and #2 are my favorites...I have the same problem with having too many shirts that are striped (rugby stripe)so I may have to check out these tops too :)

natalie (the sweets life)

#1 is definitely my favorite! I want to go buy that shirt! :)


I liked Option #1, but the reviews are horrific! Maybe option #3?


I think the last is great!


Make sure you try on #4. I love it, but the fit on it is atrocious. I looked at least 20 lbs heavier than I actually am when I put it on. Wah! :( I also do not care for #3. It's pretty blah in real life, in my opinion.


I have the gold on white version of #2 and I love it. (The brown wasn't available in my size when I got it or I probably would have gone for that one.)


I like the patterns of 1 and 5 the best, but I'm not sure how I feel about the drawstring on 5... seems a little young.

One easy way to punch up a basic wardrobe is to get a few scarves... either solid color (just don't wear with the same colored shirt) or a pattern.


I'm pretty sure what we need is a picture of you WEARING each shirt. I lean toward options 2 and 3, but that's because I'm a redhead and those are colors that look good on me.


The only one I like is #1. It's cute. In my opinion, Old Navy isn't always a great place to go. My main reason is the looks are a little older. The pictures I have seen of you show me that you are a fit, cute, young mom. Below is a link of a cute mom blogger. She puts together really cute and affordable looks. I glance on every day just to see--her style is simple and basic with a few funky things added in. A LOT of her shopping is done at H & M and Forever 21 (I know that sounds like only teenagers should shop there, but the stores have gotten SOOOO much nicer over the last year or so). I also agree with another commenter...you don't always have to have pattern, use accessories. Also, just don't buy solid colors in basic t-shirts and tanks. Go for trendier cuts in basics, then throw on a wide or braided belt, a funky pair of sandals (Target has great cheap shoes) and a chunky necklace, scarf, bangles, anything! Sorry for the long comment!



1 and 2. The last one is way too 70's reminiscent for my taste.


3 and 4 are hideous! the rest? go for it. free your mind, and as they say, the rest will follow.


I'm not much of a pattern person myself, but I do like option 2. So much that I might look for it the next time I go to Old Navy, after I grow up, of course. I'm firmly stuck in oversized t-shirt land, but I keep trying to climb out.


My fav is #2, but I agree that we probably need to see pics of you IN each shirt to really know for sure :)


I'm pattern phobic, and I say there's nothing wrong with it! :)

I like #1 & 2.

I blame shopping at Gap, Banana, & Old Navy for introducing me to this love for solids. I'm also trying to wear more prints. My co-workers try to give me compliments when I branch out. :)


I pick 1 and 4, because in this lovely weather it is ok to go with some COLOR. Grey and black and olive - they get enough play in winter. Go with color. Get yourself some red (or are those tops fuchsia?) flats, espadrilles or flip flops and enjoy!


Same here, not much of a pattern person, but have gotten some cute things the last couple of years at thrift shops or garage sales, that way if I don't really like it, didn't spend too much. Anyhoo, I like 1 and 5 as well.
Good to here from you, I've been kinda ok now that you asked...three er visits this week, daughter 1x, ex-husband 2x... I think this constitues, just ok...lol
Could use a good glass of wine...

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