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February 23, 2011


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OMG thank you. Target's do suck if you don't want licensed biscuits! I'm ordering these NOW!

Kelly Buchanan

I guess I don't have the same issue with my son's underwear. If he will use the potty to get to to wear "Thomas the Train" underwear, I'll gladly buy it! Although I have some solids and stripes and he wears those too!


What I want to know it, how do the waistbands hold up? I don't have all those problems with licensing, etc, since he likes them and there's not a whole lot of people seeing his tukis, but I hate that the waistbands of the Target undies start to shred after the first wash. I don't know about the people at Target but I prefer to wash underwear after every wearing.


I hate the waistbands on target underwear too and I'm also curious to hear about the Carters ones. The best I've found so far are the kind at Gymboree. They hold up amazingly well and I was planning to buy more but will look for the Carters brand if they are similar.


I have honestly found the best ones for my skinny girl to be hanes (yes, from target). They are solid bright colors and hold up great. And yes, we wash after every wear too ;)

Gap and Old Navy seem to run big and the princess, strawberry shortcake, hello kitty themed ones just don't hold up.

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