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January 06, 2011


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These are by far my favourite toddler dishes for exactly the reasons you state! I don't own the cutlery but I have two sets of the plates and bowls and the glasses! I looove them. Every parent should own these. And because they're so cheap there really is no excuse not to own them.


WE LOVE THESE! The cups, bowls and plates are in heavy rotation at our house (all we use) but we did upgrade to nicer kids silverware (big kids style with soft grip handles and metal tines from Target).

They are BPA free too.


I love these because they're the only plastic forks I've seen that are pointy. We tried just using disposable forks but my son sometimes likes to bite the prongs off so these are much better.

Megan @ Mama Bub

Wait, are these BPA free? Because I've been using them on the sly for a while now, but now I can shamelessly announce that we love these too. I don't use the cutlery, but I do use everything else and LOVE it.


I love these! My mom has had them at her house for awhile (she babysits my daughter while I work) and she put a set in my daughter's stocking this year. We live 4 hours from the closest IKEA, so Ive never been to one and thought it was a much more expensive set. It's certainly worth a lot more!


I was just thinking how I needed something like this! We have a whole bunch of mis-matched stuff and I HATE how it's always falling around in the cupboard (or out of it onto me.)


We have the tumblers. Looks like I might need to make a trip and buy the plates and eating tools. Thanks for sharing!


The cups are fantastic. Just the right size for milk and juice, easy for my kids (6 & 4) to self-serve and I'll confess, I love the bright colors!


i LOVE this set. the only dishes that have lasted longer than a year at our house.

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