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December 07, 2010


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I never thought of magazines - brilliant! I'm currently using some package fillers and they work pretty well too!

Camels & Chocolate

I actually use wine bottles in all my boots, and they work like a charm (I have 30+ pairs!). Plus! Then you have an excuse to drink a whole lot of vino =)


Genius! And Kristin's use of wine bottles too! I'm a chronic saver of both magazines and bottles, so that makes it even better.

Nothing But Bonfires

This is PURE genius. The floor of my closet looks exactly like your "before" picture. But it won't from tonight on...


Brilliant! I love a frugal fix like this. I feel sorry for the poor schmucks that bought the $10 boot shapers. ;)


I am going to do this today! Awesome.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

This is a genius idea. I am going to steal it! (I would also like to steal all your boots, but will refrain.)


I also put wine bottles in my boots too! I got this idea from Real Simple magazine


Brilliant! Now closet floor will have room for more boots! (Wait, what, that wasn't the point?)


that is such a smart idea! this is like real simple tricks alternate uses for items. i love it!

New Jordans

Over the years people have asked if I had one simple idea that would help others cope with problems, seize opportunities and make their lives successful.

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