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November 02, 2010


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Shoe Lush

As I was scrolling down orange is the color that came to mind and then you offered coral as your first accent color option! I think that's a sign :)

Definitely coral.


Definitely California Blue! I just did an accent wall in a very similar blue (other colours in the room are soft grey and white) and it looks great.


Coral! It's warm and pairs perfectly with the beige colors to create a comfortable, inviting environment.


No to violet.


Violet is just more safe grey. I say the coral is a no brainer, it's wonderful!! Think of all the great accessories you could bring in with that yummy shade!!


Coral! Coral! I loooove coral and grey; fresh and traditional at the same time!


Love the coral, or what about full cranberry red? It would totally go with your tans and greys.

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