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November 18, 2010


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Thank you for taking the time to put this list together. I think I was able to spot something for everyone on my list! You rock!!

Margaret Perry

What a great gift guide! Thanks for posting my jams!



I have to say though, I have had the napkin rings (#86) for 4 years and they're all tarnished up and not so great looking now and they don't polish up well. So, I can't reco those for long term usage.

#87 though, the place card holders? THEY ARE AMAZING. They fit every occasion and you can let the CARD be the centerpiece and then your drawers don't get all cluttery with a million holders. They are so tiny and store easily and, well, I've had THOSE for 5 years and I still love them. Awesome deal, get an even dozen of them if you can.

Marie Green

Awesome, awesome ideas! Thanks so much for putting this together!


Wow those scarves from Wisteria are gorgeous and for such a great price! I think a lot of ladies on my list will be getting those this year.


This is incredible! Thanks Elizabeth!


That bird jewelry dish is getting picked up today for the SIL. You always come through for SIL gifts! YOU'RE THE BEST!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Okay, so my big problem with this is now I have about 30 extra people I want to buy stuff for, because so many of these things are PERFECT for people who are not normally on my holiday shopping list!


I LOVE these lists! Thank you!


Best gift list EVER.


I just... I love you guys. There are approximately 15 links now open in my browser waiting for purchase.

LOVE Style Lush!


This is a great list! Thanks for putting it together.


Fantastic list! Thanks for putting it together.


Elizabeth, you are AMAZING! I see lots of things to add to my list for others, as well as my own wish list!


fantastic list! I <3 my smencils!


Thank you for this list! I remembered how much I loved last year's list and have been waiting for this year's. Can't wait to start shopping!! Love it!


awww, love this tradition.


Elizabeth, I would like to hire you to be my personal holiday shopper. This is awesome!

Nothing But Bonfires

Wow, this is AMAZING. Uh, does it count if I want most of these as gifts for MYSELF?


The Cozy Cowl is BOGO for $32, get one for yourself and as a gift! Thanks for the tip!

sarah marie  p

Such an awesome list! You put so much work into this! Thanks for all of the great gift ideas! Yay!


I already have many items picked out for myself, so yes, it's totally allowed!


This list is so good I'm going to allow myself to say its amazeballz! there are so many things here that are perfect for my list. Thanks so much,Elizabeth! You should totally get a bonus for this.


what a great list of ideas - that is all my presents sorted in one full sweep. My wife is going to be in shock!!


The list is awesome! Thanks for all the great suggestions.

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