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August 12, 2010


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I think I'm really glad you posted a review, because I totally wanted to try this and now, I will stay far, far away from it. It's always hard for me to understand when something like this comes out and sucks so hard, because, it's like, did you TRY this? You know what I mean?


I totally agree!! I was SO excited to try it. And...I HATE the brush. I mean, what is that?! Doesn't work but i keep convincing myself it does because I'm too cheap (college student) to buy a new one.


I am all about Lancome Definicils. Best. Mascara. Ever. Even down to the brush. It's hard to get to a department store to buy, though. So when I'm out I often get Almay. Works good too, but not as lovely as the lancome. That mascara even SMELLS nice.


Sooo...isn't this just the truth. Mascara. How many times has Aunt Rach mentioned this too? Why can't we find the PERFECT mascara?
This week, I'm in love with my brand new Laura Mercier whatever it's called. It's the newest and bestest. My salon was pre-selling - or is it pre-saling - when I was there last time. Got a travel size sample with advance purchase. So far, so good. My stand by reliable though continues to be Estee Lauder More than Mascara in Rich Black. No dot, dot, dot or speckly cheek. Also and finally... a fresh tube of anything is better than older stuff. Duh, I know, I know.

Emiliy M

Sarah - if you want to stay with Maybelline, try Define-a-Lash. It comes in a green bottle. The store was out of my regular stuff, so I bought this and love it! Each lash is, well, defined. And I don't get clumpy tarantula eyes either. I love it. And it's cheap. And they sell it at the local drug store.


This review gave me the sads...but I'm so glad I read it before I bought the stuff! I'm such a picker as it is so this would be such bad news for me!

sarah marie  p

Spider twig lashes are the worst ever! Gimme soft lashes -- that are also long & volumized! (Why, yes -- volumized should be a word.)

Thanks for the review!


I use CoverGirl LashBlast Length in the yellow tube. It has elasti-something formula, so my eyelashes are soft and never flaky, and the nylon bristles on the brush are fantastic. No clumps and no spider lashes, ever! I started with CoverGirl LashExact when it first came out years ago because of the nylon bristles, and I will never switch brands because throughout every formula incarnation the brush is consistently awesome. Let us know what you end up with!

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