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June 08, 2010


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These are fantastic! I think my little Delilah might need a princess peach costume.. haha. She's a basset hound so I often have trouble finding stuff that fits her odd shape.


I forgot to specify (do I need to?) that it would be for Halloween of course. haha. Delilah doesn't wear costumes any other time of the year.. unless you count when I take her out on the boat and I make her wear her life jacket.

Kerri Anne

Dressing Iggy in costumes he loves to hate is pretty much the best thing ever. And thanks to you he can now look forward to being Luiggy (Ha!) for Halloween.


Okay that is just so wrong it's cute, lol. Princess pech. :D


I didn't know that dog can also wear hats. they need to pose primly on wearing that.

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