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February 16, 2010


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I think it is adorable and would look really good on you but you should wait until it goes on ale, b/c it will.


my mom would wear that. and she's 56. and i would wear that. and i'm 25. LOVE.


Paired with a crop denim jacket and cute flats, this dress would be adorable!


I wouldn't wear it, but that's just because it's not my thing. It's very cute and totally OK for a 35-year-old-mom. If you love it and can afford it, you should definitely get it.


I think it's really cute, but so memorable it's the kind of thing you could only wear once with the same group or it would be like, "Oh, the airplane dress again."


DUDE! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Aimee Greeblemonkey

It's not so much the airplanes, but the blah gray color.


I'm with Aimee, not loving the gray ... does that color look good on anyone, or is it just me that ends up pasty? They have a couple red ones that could very well help with the snowed-in-craziness though!


Can't vote because none of the options suit... I think it's a cute style that's perfectly suitable for a 35-yr-old mother of two; I dislike the grey (but then I almost always dislike grey) but would probably love it in another (almost any other) colour; I think it's really expensive (but then, being totally flat broke and up to my ears in debt, most things are).
Conclusion: if you like grey, if you can afford it (and I'm guessing you can), go for it!


I saw this in person (if I remember correctly, it's not gray but navy pinstriped, yes?), and while it definitely caught my eye as something I would wear, I did get hung up on the big price for something that's not all that versatile. As Swistle said, it's too memorable to wear with the same crowd over and over and over.

chatty cricket


That being said, I voted to wait until it goes on sale....and I say that because as a regular Anthropologie Coveter (Covetor?) I can tell you that it absolutely WILL go on sale. And you will most likely be able to get it for 50% off, and if you DARE, maybe even a little more. But that would require waiting longer. Obvi.

Tracy H.

Definitely cute! I'm a 37 yr old mother and would wear it, IF I could fit into it, LOL! But, I have to agree with Swistle, how many times could you get away with wearing "the airplane dress?" And at that price I would want to be able to wear it A LOT!


I love it, but that's because my husband is a pilot and would think it was hot, even though strapless dresses aren't a good idea with what's left of my boobs after nursing two little ones!


sorry... i don't like it at all, but taste varies between people you know? I love some things at Anthro (try their Joe jeans!) but this, not so much... :)


You being a mom, that is a perfect mommy summer dress, but hold out for a sale sister!


I'm not much help, but I hate it. If you are considering it, then wait til it goes on sale for sure!!


I think the airplanes are cute ... but, I like the Victoria (orange) so much better for you ... or me. Whatever ...

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