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November 30, 2009


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I got a set of these a few years back, and I LOVE them, and now they're all I use. I agree that they're a kickass gift idea, and plan to gift them to more than one person on my list.


I have similar cobalt blue "casual" wine glasses and I'm so sick of them that the roly-polys are on my Xmas wish list, too! (Despite the china cabinet stocked with nice stemmed crystal ones.) True first-world problems, I tell ya.


That's a lot of glasses, Beth..


Hi Beth! That is a lot of glasses.


You can get really cheap ones at Crate and Barrel as well - I think they were less than $2 apiece.


Oooh those are beautiful!


Nice collection. In our home, we have a massive collection of beer glasses and maybe, 6 wine glasses.

Holly Reynolds

I love the winterberry ones! In our house it's mostly beer steins, though. We live in Germany and they tend to accumulate!

Oh...and my husband's Guinness Glasses.


Love stemless wine glasses. Dishwasher friendly is a BIG plus, but I also just love the feel of them. (Because seriously, who holds a wineglass by the stem? No one, that's who.)


I have a couple of wineglasses that came free with my harlequin book subscription. That's all. I wish I had nice stemware, but alas.....


I might have to get some for my husband for Christmas, as he seems incapable of drinking from a stemmed glass without knocking it over at some point in the evening. He claims it is because they are too tall. Since they are no taller than your regulation height beer bottle I don't believe him, but this is a good solution.


I love your collection and think the painted ones are awesome.


I got 3 sets of these for my wedding (oh so very long long ago) - 1 white and 2 reds. I use them daily and love them!
(I did run across my champagne glasses recently - I moved - last time those things saw the light of day was we moved into the apartment we just moved out of)


If I had more room, I would probably have an impressive stemware collection, as well. I just love fancy glasses. All types... wine, martini, margarita, champagne flutes and saucers, etc. Too, too pretty.

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